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 Albania & Kossovo  Bulgaria  Serbia
 Greece  Romania  FYROM Macedonia
 Russia  Ukraine  Georgia
           Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Romania and  FYR Macedonia (FYROM) are served directlly. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia by transhipment via the port of Thessaloniki.




                     We are a leading freight forwarding company focused mainly in the Balkan markets, as we are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our headquarters are at the center of Thessaloniki, near the port. Our diversified product mix, and expert solutions (air, sea, rail cargo, impressive warehouse facility, NVOCC, integrated logistics and complex projects management position us as a leading 3PL player in the market and the partner of choice in Greece, if you are interested in the Balkan markets. To put it in a few words, our strategic advantage, or put more simple, what makes as different in comparison to the competition, can be described as follows:


  Our personal relations with our clients and our ability to find solutions even  to the most complicated transportation problems and documentation, even under extreme situations and time pressure;
  Our unique, hands-on experience & knowledge of the Balkan markets. We really are the Balkan Experts, period.
  Our documentation (BLs  FIATA aprooved) is of the highest caliber, and has proven its value time and again.
  Our reliability and responsibility (the company remains to this day a sole proprietorship; our bank guarantees with the custom authorities exceed the amount of EUR 1.500.000,00)



 Albania, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

Need a Greek forwarder for forwarding cargo or freight by sea, air, rail or truck(s)? More complicated logistics projects and/or in transit warehousing at controlled temperature environments (foodstuffs, etc)? Please do not hesitate to contact us.