The Balkans


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                    Greece being the gate borders of European Union to the Balkan area, the port of Thessaloniki is a key position for the transiting cargoes to and from Europe to Bulgaria, Macedonia (fyr),  Albania, Kosovo & Serbia, as it is the nearest port serving those areas.

                    A dedicated team of experienced custom brokers will take delivery of your cargo from vessel alongside to delivery it to your customer warehouse in any Balkan country. We are the only shipping agency in Greece having placed a bank guarantee of over EURO 1,500,000 for securing free transiting of spirits and tobaco, from Thessaloniki to other Balkan  countries.



                    Through its dedicated cooperation with Intl Shipping Agencies, Horizon co, has been a prime mover in the development of container traffic to and from Black sea region. Cargo originating or  destined to the ports of Black sea can be transshipped via the port of Thessaloniki whilst the port of Varna is perfectly situated to serve Northen Bulgaria as well as  Romania and Eastern Yugoslavia.  Our office is ideally placed to service the fast growing Black Sea region.

 Freight and opening the routes to Black Sea - Greek forwarders


                    Breakbulk is the oldest method of transportation of goods by sea. We are proud to say that we were among the first to introduce the containers in Greece,  but at the same time we are proud to say that B/B was and still is our core business. Our own offices located in Salonica in cooperation with our sub-agencies in Piraeus,Volos, Kavala, Alexandroupolis, Creta can guarantee a smooth and quick despatch of your vessels and delivery of  our cargo.


 Albania, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

Need a Greek forwarder for forwarding cargo or freight by sea, air, rail or truck(s)? More complicated logistics projects and/or in transit warehousing at controlled temperature environments (foodstuffs, etc)? Please do not hesitate to contact us.