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                    Horizon co is a highly specialized leading global freight forwarder providing a diversified spectrum of cargo forwarding and project/logistics management services with a wide global network of  independent international freight forwarders acting as its agents. Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, we primarily serve Greece, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. We maintain a factsheet on each country  for your convenience. As described under Balkan Services, our region represents both a challenge and a strategic opportunity. At this time the region is in the aftermath of its transition from the centrally planned economy of the former Yugoslav Republic to a vibrant multinational, decentralized transactional model. While the former era is well defined in Transport in the Balkans: Current problems and future strategies (Nigel A Ash, Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners Ltd, UK: paper source, ETC Proceedings), the contemporary experience is the one shaped by freight forwarding and logistics service providers headquartered in the region, such as Horizon Co, for instance.  

                    The factsheets provided here are for your convenience only; Horizon Co will definitely allocate the required time and resources to provide our client base with accurate transportation and destination country in depth information which is not provided here or anywhere else. Frequent travel and feasibility studies conducted by us - precisely for this purpose - in destination countries have provided Horizon Co with  the  unique opportunity to fully appreciate, comprehend and operate within the policy framework and local as well as EU regulatory requirements and/or other  procedures imposed by foreign government officials in-country.  Our management team regularly visits overseas government offices and other points of interest; we  host country business counterparts and agents to discuss project and country/site specific issues.  Overseas travel allows Horizon Co personnel to inspect conditions at airports, rail networks, and truck depots in other countries of interest, mostly in the EU and the Balkans.   

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Albania, Bulgaria,the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia