Our documentation - The Bible of a freight forwarder's activity


                    The importance of totally accurate, complete and insightful documentation can never be overemphasized.  Through extensive, hands-on experience Horizon Co. has developed extensive documentation and detailed procedures which allow for reliable, smooth, unencumbered transit through ports and customs/border checkpoints right to the final destination.  Relationships and reputation with Customs should never be underestimated: Horizon showcases proven expertise and a highly successful track record with these procedures.Our position as a cutting-edge technological player, freight forwarding and logistics management partner of choice is thereby strengthened and our reputation becomes the passport to your success.

                    Horizon Co.  creates and makes available all customs documentation required for air and sea import into the destination country including the Original Master Air Waybill/Ocean Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin (when required),Packing List, and Valued Inventory as well as other valuable documentation.

                      Our experience has showed, time and again that timely pre-alert notification at final destination is crucial in avoiding costly delays in Customs and elsewhere.  Our standard operating procedures include, among other required steps and actions, providing recipients and destination offices with Pre-alert notification in addition to the full set of customs and shipping documents.

                    Horizon  is often  responsible -for the duration of a project -  for cargo reception, detailed inventory control, full warehouse documentation, consolidation of individual line items (originating from the multiple vendors/sources) into individual kits for distribution to different sites at destination, and door-to-door shipment management from our warehouse to literally hundreds of outlying sites as per the project's specs, as agreed beforehand or modified in real time as requested by the client. The complexity of these projects requires that we continually update and expand our tracking software to maintain control and keep accurate records of what is received and shipped at any give time. This is what makes Horizon stand out as a not only a global freight forwarder, but as a leading 3PL player operating out of Greece and covering the Balkans primarily through the ports of Thessaloniki, Piraeus and Durres as well as all ports in the Balnkans.


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