In Transit Warehousing and distribution / logistics


          In order to provide complete logistics services to our customers, we are involved in warehousing and Logistics. The company specializes in cargo handling, management and delivery. We use 2 fully bonded warehouses, one for dry and one for controlled temperature cargoes. The dry cargo warehouse extends to about 9.000 sq.m. Storage capacity is 15.000 pallets located in back to back shelves and narrow corridors. There are 10 docks for reception and dispatch. Cold stores allow for a temperature from +14°C to - 28°C and they extent to 12.000 sq.m. Storage capacity is 20.000 pallets and they have cross-docking area as well as 18 cold compartments with capacity of 1.000 each. There are 20 docks for receiving and dispatches.

          Perhaps the most important feature of our state of art warehouse is the fact that it has been recognized as a customs warehouse of A + (advanced) type, which means that it functions as a private customs storage place, while at the same time it has been checked and approved by official public services as regards to efficient protection from fire and safety from every kind of damage to stored goods. In our premises we receive, store, re-pack, manage and dispatch any type of cargo and in any unit of packaging. For example, we can receive merchandise in pallets and dispatch it in boxes and/or any other combination you can think of. The wide variety of services we offer is what makes us a leading 3PL.


Thessaloniki forwarders Storage of dry cargo freight and cargo forwarders Traceability of batch and lot numbers
Thessaloniki forwarders Storage of controlled temperature cargo (chilled-frozen) freight and cargo forwarders Management of returns - reverse logistics
Thessaloniki forwarders Cross-Docking area freight and cargo forwarders Dynamic inventory control
Thessaloniki forwarders Picking freight and cargo forwarders Packaging and Repackaging
Thessaloniki forwarders Customs clearance services, transit cargo handling freight and cargo forwarders Repacking from finished goods to new products
Thessaloniki forwarders Customs storage area for dry, chilled and frozen cargo freight and cargo forwarders Customized labelling / barcoding / shrinking
Thessaloniki forwarders Stock management in all units of packaging (pallets, boxes, items, kilos and other) freight and cargo forwarders Capability of shrink package with oven machine
Thessaloniki forwarders Dynamic and real-time stock management freight and cargo forwarders Airtight package with flow pack machine
Thessaloniki forwarders Monitoring of expiry and production dates