Live Navigation Map

Through this map you can watch in "near" live time any ship(s) you may be interested in.
If you need any help, feel free to contact us 

          Our focus is on the port of Thessaloniki, but you can navigate almost all over the world and check out information on any vessel you may be interested in. The usual information given is the speed and course of the vessel (in knots), which appears if you hover over any vessel. If you click on the vessel more details appear (status, dimensions, capacity, destination, draught, other details). So if you know which carries your container, you can track its voyage to its destination. 

           Most of the time there is quite a lot of movement in the Greek seas, so you may want to contact us (make sure you have all the required details available) if you cannot locate the vessel you are interested in. Here at Horizon we have implemented quite a few alternative methods to monitor the ships we are interested in, taking advantage of our global agent network and other technologies as well.